Eat Clean ... Grabbagreen

Seventy percent of their signature dishes are designed to be organic. The menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner selections where you can “grab” your own. How it works: Select your grain or green base, followed by a protein, five nutrients (choice of fresh veggies, egg, goji berry, blueberry), a dairy and herb, then complete your creation with one of the house-made sauces (vegan and made with clean ingredients). Additional menu items include smoothies, wraps, fresh-pressed juice, acai cups, elixirs, healthy snacks and more. They also offer juice cleanses/detoxes. Make Grabbagreen part of your daily routine. Eat clean, Grabbagreen. Open daily.

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  1. Our new favorite place!

    I was out with my three kids this morning and needed to grab breakfast somewhere because we didn’t have time to go home in between appointments. It’s hard to eat out any time with all of my family’s food allergies, but especially for breakfast (we can’t do gluten, egg, or dairy…), so we decided to try Grabbagreen for the first time. I was a bit worried that my picky kids wouldn’t find anything they liked, but one ordered a strawberry banana smoothie, and another ordered the mango bowl, and they both loved their breakfasts and nearly finished them (a pretty big deal for my kids). I got the steak collard wrap, and it was delicious. The gentleman who was working was very friendly, and the place was very clean. I think this will be our new go-to place!

    EDIT to add: And the PRICES! You can’t beat it! I’m on a super tight budget but this place was very kind to my wallet.

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